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A Matter of Contrast

The paper-white display of your PC is not a distraction because you can look away whenever you want, or switch to a different program to alter your view of content. But when you watch a presentation, you are being asked to keep your attention fixed for a longer period, with no ability to change the display to the next image. To maintain attention, proper visual contrast is necessary in the design. Continue reading

Making Messages Matter

A more effective message is one that allows a presenter to “own” the content wholeheartedly, so that the delivery appears more natural. In a featured article published in the December 2010 PresentationXpert newsletter, Tom Mucciolo shares some ideas on ways to enhance content using stories, analogies, descriptive words and more.

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The Three Little Smiles

Once upon a time… a speaker claimed it was difficult to get an audience excited about information simply because the content was so boring. Content is never boring — people are boring. A boring presenter delivers boring details. While there are a number of ways to bring content to life, the most obvious method is to smile. You can choose from any of the three kinds of smiles: outside, inside, and in-depth. Continue reading