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Make Better Connections in Online Delivery

Using our research-based assessment tools, which measure the effectiveness of presenters, there appears to be a significant drop in quality when even highly rated “live” speakers deliver online content, specifically webinars, where the venue is limited to voice-over driven content.

Two reasons for this appear to be physical. The online presenter is likely sitting when delivering the content and likely looking at the PC screen (content) while speaking. Both of these actions are not typical of effective speakers when engaging a live audience, where the presenter is standing and making eye contact with people.

However, if a person is able to stand (or at least sit up straight) while delivering online content, then the body is less restricted and the vocal tones resonate with proper “swells” (highs and lows) to create “visual interest” in the ear. In other words, there is more energy in the voice.

If a person places photographs of people (loved ones, friends, colleagues, etc.) in the work area while delivering the online session, a momentary glance to a familiar face creates an “inside smile” and the voice expresses a kind of joy that mimics the eye contact of a live audience (to some degree). Telemarketers often surround themselves with photos of familiar people to mask the initial discomfort that sometimes arises from talking with strangers.

So, to be more effective when delivering online content, consider elongating the upper body (standing is better) and having pictures of familiar people to glance at periodically as you speak.

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