Creative Collaboration

How do slide “designers” work with presenters to optimize the delivery of content? In a featured article published in October 2012 on Geetesh Bajaj’s INDEZINE blog, Tom Mucciolo shares his experiences of the creative collaboration techniques used by content creators to intergrate visual support across a diverse group of speakers. Read the whole story: Slides […]

Presentations…Back to the Future

What were presentations like 30 years ago? Where are they headed? In a featured article published in September 2012 on Geetesh Bajaj’s INDEZINE blog, Tom Mucciolo shares his experiences of the evolving presentation technologies from the early 1980’s through the present day, with a look ahead towards tomorrow. Read the whole story: Presentations Perspective

Cultural Color Associations

It is interesting how a society makes psychological associations with colors based on appearances or cultural habits. Some of these associations shared in the United States include “red” being associated with danger and “green” being associated with money. While green is the color of U.S. currency, does “green” actually mean money?

A Matter of Contrast

The paper-white display of your PC is not a distraction because you can look away whenever you want, or switch to a different program to alter your view of content. But when you watch a presentation, you are being asked to keep your attention fixed for a longer period, with no ability to change the […]

To LOGO or Not to LOGO

Many wonder when, where, or whether an identifying “logo” should appear on visual content. Some contend that after a few slides, the logo is no longer noticed, prompting others to argue “then why is it there?”

Multimedia or Multi-MANIA?

There is a fine line between the use and the abuse of technology elements. In a featured article published in the PresentationXpert newsletter, Tom Mucciolo shares some techniques for incorporating animation, video, sound, and slide transitions into presentations. Read the whole story: Keep multimedia from morphing into multi-mania

The PowerPoint Slim-Slide Diet

Imagine that the slides in your presentation gain weight as you add more text or clutter. So, you just keep feeding these images your high-calorie content and, before you know it, your presentation has become a bloated blob of blubbering babble! Sound familiar? Well, SLIDE-REDUCTION is possible! There is a way to slim your slides into speaking-shape!

PowerPoint Slide Show HELP Menu

If you already maximized the efficiency of your slide show viewing options (see Slide-Viewing Options) you can still display a MENU of actions while running a PowerPoint presentation. A simple FUNCTION KEY does the trick!

PowerPoint “List-Slides” Feature

Let’s say you are in a PowerPoint presentation and you decide that you want to quickly navigate to a different visual by choosing from a list of all the slides in your presentation. There is a simple shortcut to do this!

PowerPoint ENTER-ENTER Trick

You are giving a PowerPoint presentation and you are currently on slide 20. An audience member asks a question. To help clarify your response you would like to bring back the supporting data that appeared as part of slide 14. What will you do to display that visual once again?