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Let Conflict Enhance the Message

If you want your message to have the most impact on the greatest number of people then you must match your message to what is most basic to your audience. One way to achieve this is through the use of CONFLICT, because people have some type of “conflict” in everyday life.

There are three “dramatic perspectives” or types of conflict — global (man against nature), local (man against man) or inner (man against himself). There is only ONE type of conflict used in any given story.

If you identify the overall message or theme, you should dominate your stories with the type of conflict that matches the theme or the objective behind the message.

For example, a message targeting an “industry” practice is an example of global conflict. A message focusing on abuse in the workplace can be inner conflict (to the organization itself) or it can be shaped as local conflict between people (superior/subordinate). An introduction of a new software program to increase group efficiency is an example of an inner conflict, as each person identifies with the need to self-improve by learning the new process.

Know the message and you will be able to build stories using the type of conflict that matches the message.

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