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What do you FEAR MOST when speaking?

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Using Virtual Space

Virtual space lets you connect the audience to invisible objects. In essence, you use virtual space to show the audience how you visualize the concepts you’re explaining. Although you see the concepts in your mind, the audience has no idea how to distinguish among them. Virtual space helps. Read more… →

Vocal Exercise – What-a-to-do

This vocal exercise will help with voice pronunciation (phonetic sounds) and breathing (duration). The objective is to say the phrase in one breath, without rushing, in about 20 seconds. Read more… →

The Three Little Smiles

Once upon a time… a speaker claimed it was difficult to get an audience excited about information simply because the content was so boring. Content is never boring — people are boring. A boring presenter delivers boring details. While there are a number of ways to bring content to life, the most obvious method is to smile. You can choose from any of the three kinds of smiles: outside, inside, and in-depth. Read more… →

Make Better Connections in Online Delivery

Using our research-based assessment tools, which measure the effectiveness of presenters, there appears to be a significant drop in quality when even highly rated “live” speakers deliver online content, specifically webinars, where the venue is limited to voice-over driven content. Read more… →

Forced Choice

Part of the challenge of interaction is guiding your audience into asking the right question at the right time. While you may be able to anticipate possible questions, based on prior experience with the topic, you really can’t predict which people will ask what, when. But, you can increase your chances if you use a strategy of forced choiceRead more… →

Depth-Charge Your Talk

The DEPTH of your space is the most critical element to consider when positioning yourself in front of an audience. The only dimension that adds value is depth. Height and width are accepted instantly, but depth perception requires concentration and therefore creates an enduring effect. Read more… →

More or Less Eye Contact?

The common belief is that when interacting with someone, you should always make as much eye contact as possible. This is true when you are LISTENING. You would like to appear 100% attentive, so making eye contact with the person is critical. But what about when you are SPEAKING? Read more… →

Take a MINUTE to Relax

Some say the nervousness before a performance is both natural and necessary. While nature may create the feeling, it is certainly not necessary. If you can eliminate the jitters BEFORE a presentation, you will be able to deliver your message more effectively. Read more… →

Stumped by a Question? “E” Words Can Help!

Have you even been asked a question and you did not know the answer? Whether this happens to you in a presentation, meeting, phone conference, or just in casual conversation, the feeling of not being able to respond immediately can be frustrating. Well, don’t despair! Help has arrived! Read more… →

Fear of Speaking?

Do you get nervous before a presentation?  Share your thoughts on what you think might be causing those nerves?

Is it a fear of being judged by others; or, is it a fear of forgetting what to say; or, a fear of looking foolish?

What is YOUR biggest fear?