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What do you FEAR MOST when speaking?

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Profiling Works!

Over the past two years we have had a number of opportunities to “profile” different organizations, to determine where the strengths and challenges exist concerning presentation effectiveness. Now you can measureme how your company, team, or group fits into the overall strategy of presenting. Read more… →

Give ’em a Hand on Broadway

You can learn a lot about the power of hand gestures by watching Ben Vereen and the entire cast from the Broadway musical PIPPIN. Read more… →

Coldplay Reaches Out

The Coldplay hit Viva la Vida is loosely translated as “Long Live Life” but lead-singer Chris Martin creates a unique connection to his audience with a series of rhythmic “reaching out” gestures. Read more… →

Gestures that can make—or break—a speech

Tom Mucciolo is interviewed by Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications on Ragan TV. This is part of a series (see the “Interviews” category). This clip features a discussion of effective gestures when speaking. Read more… →

Mechanics of Delivery

This category features comments related to the delivery skills used to perform the content.

Video Clips Gallery!

Interested in developing your delivery skills? Tom Mucciolo demonstrates a number of techniques in several different videos. The clips are waiting to be viewed on our video clips page.