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What do you FEAR MOST when speaking?

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The PowerPoint Slim-Slide Diet

Imagine that the slides in your presentation gain weight as you add more text or clutter. So, you just keep feeding these images your high-calorie content and, before you know it, your presentation has become a bloated blob of blubbering babble! Sound familiar? Well, SLIDE-REDUCTION is possible! There is a way to slim your slides into speaking-shape! Read more… →

Distractions and Distortions

Clip art images, if filled with many details, can actually become a distraction when the visual stays in view too long. Read more… →

Practice Makes Perfect?

What is the best way to practice a presentation? Some resort to memorizing a well-written speech; some rehearse pre-written notes in an outline format; while others keep repeating an “off-the-cuff” delivery over and over until comfortable. All of these approaches focus on the content. But there is another method. Read more… →

The Note Giveth and the Note Taketh

There are two ways to offer an audience an opportunity to have “notes” on your presentation. You can create note-GIVING handouts that already contain key information; or, you can design handouts that leave some area or space for note-TAKING by the audience. Read more… →

Fear of Speaking?

Do you get nervous before a presentation?  Share your thoughts on what you think might be causing those nerves?

Is it a fear of being judged by others; or, is it a fear of forgetting what to say; or, a fear of looking foolish?

What is YOUR biggest fear?

What’s in a Handout?

If you decide to give handouts, the content becomes an important issue. The handouts should always be “different” from the presentation.

Don’t fall into the trap of printing out a hard copy of your visuals for the audience to take away with them. This presents a problem, especially when the presentation is designed conceptually. Read more… →

Give ’em a Hand on Broadway

You can learn a lot about the power of hand gestures by watching Ben Vereen and the entire cast from the Broadway musical PIPPIN. Read more… →

Coldplay Reaches Out

The Coldplay hit Viva la Vida is loosely translated as “Long Live Life” but lead-singer Chris Martin creates a unique connection to his audience with a series of rhythmic “reaching out” gestures. Read more… →

Seek Simplicity in Templates

The templates you find in most graphic software programs offer a variety of graphic elements, geometric shapes, and other interesting components to carry a design theme throughout the presentation.

When you work with templates, check to see if the design is generic or specific. Read more… →


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