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Print vs. Screen

Reviewing electronic communication may be a function of fatigue on the eyes. Many people will briefly examine at a text-intensive document on a computer, but will opt for printing the document for complete reading. This is noticed in universities (such as NYU) where students are offered electronic books, course handouts, and other online references; yet, most students will PRINT these online items, before reading or studying. Why do this? Read more… →

Assessment Methods Study

How do you evaluate speakers, presenters, trainers, teachers, and anyone else who communicates to groups? Typically, the assessment is taken from the perspective of the audience. But research shows that by using additional forms of evaluation, such as views of managers or colleagues (peers), and even self-assesment, one can gain a better sense of a speaker’s effectiveness. Read more… →

Teaching Effectiveness Study

A comprehensive study has been published showing the preferences by audiences of a person’s presentation skills. Based on the findings, it now possible to pinpoint the exact elements that make a speaker more (or less) effective, depending on the type of audience. Read more… →

Profiling Works!

Over the past two years we have had a number of opportunities to “profile” different organizations, to determine where the strengths and challenges exist concerning presentation effectiveness. Now you can measureme how your company, team, or group fits into the overall strategy of presenting. Read more… →

Gestures that can make—or break—a speech

Tom Mucciolo is interviewed by Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications on Ragan TV. This is part of a series (see the “Interviews” category). This clip features a discussion of effective gestures when speaking. Read more… →