Connecting Flight Theory


I operate under the assumption that I should be on-time for whatever activity or responsibility I have planned. While some delays can’t be avoided, they could be anticipated. Over the years, I have built a vast database of travel nuances, patterns, and habits that have become my guiding principles in getting from place to place. One of these precepts is my CONNECTING FLIGHT THEORY.

This concept is based on TIME and DISTANCE. I postulate that when taking more than one flight to get to some destination, the connecting flight is always on TIME. It doesn’t matter when I depart from my original starting point, it makes no difference how delayed I might be in taking off, it really doesn’t matter how much time is “made-up in the air” during the first part of my journey, an on-time departure of my connecting flight is virtually guaranteed!

The second part of my theory is that the departure gate of that next flight is always at a DISTANCE that exceeds physical punctuality. The mathematical geniuses of airport design have deemed that the greatest distance between two points is usually my connecting gate. In most cases, I have just enough time to make it to an area where my gate is visible, but the door seems to be slowly closing, as if whispering “if you only got here a minute ago….”

Knowing that a short connection time is a recipe for failure, I always make sure I have at least 90 minutes between connections. But, I go to the gym regularly to maintain my ability to sprint, just in case!

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