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The Visually Speaking Blog is filled with presentation tips, tricks, techniques, articles, videos, learning tools and a lot more! Information can be found on PAGES or in CATEGORIES. Pages contain reference items, categories contain posts. Click a post HEADLINE to see the full story and to see any comments made. Each post has a FOOTER showing the date posted, related tags (locators), assigned category, and a Make a Comment link for you to add your thoughts to the topic!

The PAGE MENU above is right-justified, immediately below the image header area. The menu bar contains the MAJOR pages in the blog (such as ABOUT, RESEARCH, etc.). These pages offer a consistent reference to collections of valuable items that you can review at any time.

The CATEGORY MENU above is left-justified, inside a dark-color bar, appearing below the page menu, just above the posting area, covering topics such as Technology, Message, etc. The categories are also listed alphabetically in the left-hand column (under Categories). Categories are areas where posts are assigned according to the subject to which they best relate, or posted to the General area when no category is assigned. These postings are also “filed” or archived each month, yet always accessible from the drop-down menu in the right-hand column (under Past Posts).

If you visit a category, you will see the postings assigned to that category, a portion of which can be read, followed by and ellipsis (…) if the post is longer than a paragraph.

Click on the HEADLINE of any post, anywhere, to see the entire item, along with any additional text, embedded media (graphics, video, etc.) and any comments that have been made to that topic.

At the end of every post a series of SHARING buttons offer the ability to repost the content to popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or directly to an email account. The ShareThis icon will bring up a list of these and many other networking sites such as Google +, Pinterest, and more.

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