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For a seminar/coaching/consulting workshop day, the following covers a lecture and optional "rest-of-the-day" activities associated with Presentation Skills training. Since the scope of MediaNet services includes the design of the script and visuals as well as the performance of the material, you can structure a day or more of specific activities to meet with your needs.

The outline below is simply one approach to our skills training and consulting offerings.

Opening Lecture(s)

At the beginning of this workshop we offer one or more of our Electrifying Presentations topics. Typically, we deliver the lecture Visually Speaking, which includes a discussion of the mechanics of presenting, with attention given to body language, eye contact and theatrical gestures for enhancing effectiveness. Since the greatest percentage of communication is physical, the talk emphasizes the strategy needed to maintain control of the audience through planned movements. Establishing key body-angle positions, creating flow with balanced gestures, and utilizing phrasing techniques are among the important topics covered in this part of the lecture. The result is an practical approach to increase the delivery skills of those who communicate to groups. If the attendees of the workshop are also involved in small group meetings and presentations, we may include the details of our lecture Up Close & Personal which concentrates on the skills needed for one-to-one situations.

In addition we may augment the opening lecture with the topic On the Big Screen which concentrates on the elements of Purpose, Movement and Color as the underlying requirements for business visuals. Included are guidelines for increasing attention span per visual as well as numerous full-color examples of the tips and techniques needed to heighten the interest level of an audience during an event. The establishment of a central theme, the proper use of graphics to control eye movement, and a discussion of business color theory --- all serve as the basis for a dynamic learning experience.

Based on your company's needs we can add other topics or adjust the content of any of our topics to satisfy particular requirements. Depending on the amount of time available, our topics are flexible enough for most events.

Continuing Workshop Activities (optional)

The rest of the workshop can be designed to allow for individual coaching, message consultation or any combination of our services such as the ones described below.

Presentation Analysis - a session which offers a critique of existing visuals in order to identify inconsistencies in structure, design, flow and content. Comments regarding media choices, display equipment and software programs are part of the overall analysis.

Coaching - an opportunity to have individuals participate in a session whereby each volunteer presents several visuals while receiving on-the-spot analysis of delivery skills. The length of time for a participant can vary depending on the number of hours devoted to this part of the workshop. For example, if the afternoon included three hours of coaching, up to six individuals could participate with each receiving a half-hour of analysis. Participants bring their own visuals to the session in order to have a familiar topic to discuss.

Here is a more detailed description of our coaching workshops:

Our coaching workshops concentrate on the delivery of the presentation by working with presenters, one-to-one to help them refine their personal skills. We focus on eliminating habits in their styles that distract from their messages and reinforce their strong skills. The goal of coaching sessions is to help participants develop their own styles and emerge more convincing and credible presenters.

We traditionally begin with an overview to teach the basic principles. Then we work in a series of one-to-one sessions, giving personalized attention to each participant. Videotaping is often incorporated into coaching sessions to allow the presenters to view themselves from an audience perspective.

The 30-minute overview concentrates on the mechanics of presenting relating to the room, the audience, the body, the voice and the technology. By understanding the basics, a person can begin to experience a noticeable improvement in presentation effectiveness.

Once the overview is complete, each participant is given approximately 30 minutes of coaching. The participant should bring a short presentation of about 5 to 7 visuals, typical of the topic the person would deliver to an audience. If the presentation is electronic, a floppy disk is preferred so that the participant can use MediaNet's PC and its "credit card" remote control. If the presentation is on overheads, MediaNet can create a few visuals from the information on the transparencies so the participant can get the benefit of presenting electronically while being coached.

As soon as the participant begins, the first two minutes are captured on videotape. For the next 25 minutes the interactive coaching is done. The goal is to remove any distractions of the body or the voice in order to increase the skills of the presenter. Some distractions involve hand gestures, body movement, voice fillers, nervousness, etc. Toward the end of the session another two minutes are captured on tape. The next participant follows immediately through the same process, until all participants have been coached. At the end of the day, time is allotted to review the videotape of all the "before and after" presentations, and any differences are usually quite obvious. Naturally, the end of the day review assumes participants experience the coaching as a group.

If the coaching sessions are set-up privately, with no one else observing, then each session will last an additional 10 minutes to allow time to review the before and after video with each individual immediately following their coaching session. Thus, 40 minute segments are scheduled and each participant arrives at the appointed time. Group sessions are most effective since the ability to learn from watching others is available to each participant.

Other comments during the coaching session may include a brief discussion of the visual design and the message itself, especially if either of those elements cause a distraction for the presenter. For example, excessive information on a visual usually forces a presenter to read rather than deliver the message.

As the distractions in the presenter's style are eliminated the message is delivered with more confidence and the result is quite effective.

Agenda Example

Organizations who prefer a full-day session which includes the above items, may structure a full-day with the following agenda:

8:30 - 11:00 - Seminar/lecture (including a break) on two Electrifying Presentations topics

11:00-12:00 - Presentation Analysis

12:00 - 1:00 - Lunch break

1:00 - 4:00 - Skills Coaching for several participants (including a break).

The size of the audience for the seminar/lecture portion can vary depending on the number of people the room will hold, so involving a greater number of people is better. Room considerations regarding ceiling height, lighting and seating arrangements need to be considered to make the session effective. We will supply the computer and the projection device for the presentation, unless you have projection equipment available.


Fees for coaching workshops are based on the number of coaches needed to handle the group size. Typically, one skills coach can effectively work with up to 6 people per day based on a morning lecture and about 30-40 minutes of coaching per person. When two coaches work with a group, each can work with up to 6 people per day, if two separate rooms are available.
Click here for information on specific rates and other fees.


Depending on the number of people involved in the workshop, the quantity of specific handout materials offered will vary. Usually the book Purpose, Movement, Color and the CD-ROM Mechanics - Basic Skills are made available to workshop participants at a reduced price. Click here for more information on pricing for workshop materials.

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