Presenting With Power

Whether you are selling, educating, or inspiring, today's presentation could make the difference in tomorrow's success. In the information age, presenting requires a whole new set of rules. If you follow those rules, you can deliver your message in a style that is more persuasive and influential.

The new rules were written by a generation that thrives on electronic media - television, computers, video games. These visual media are based on effect, emotion, and entertainment. And they have elevated the standards by which audiences are willing to accept the delivery of information.

So, how do you step into this new world of presenting? The experts at MediaNet can unveil the mystery behind the process of group communication, helping you create and deliver more powerful presentations.


Since 1985, MediaNet has taken the initiative in designing effective business presentations. We begin the consulting process by listening to your story the way that you tell it. We examine your script in relation to your visuals, and we look for any inconsistencies based on our established principles of Purpose, Movement and Color. We work to streamline your presentation into a solid story supported by a single theme.

Next, we outline the visuals on paper and discuss particulars such as color choices, graphics and media selection. We concentrate on structured content and balance it with appropriate graphics to ensure that the effect of the visuals does not overwhelm you or your message. Simple, well-constructed images which hold the audience's attention and support your delivery are the qualities of a MediaNet presentation.


After collaborating on an outline and deciding on the basic look of the presentation, we tap the creative energies of our production team to design visuals that are consistent with your story. We concentrate on elements such as parallel structure, background and foreground colors, symbols, graphics and chart types. Regardless of complexity, we can create all types of images, including digitized video, sound, photos, or illustration. In addition, we can incorporate those images into a variety of multimedia events, including interactive presentations, kiosks, video-conferences, or web sites.

When the design of the visuals is complete, we will produce the presentation in the media you require - electronic screen show, CD, DVD, or other media formats. We can also develop hard-copy handouts to add value to your production.


Skills Coaching Workshop

Our coaching workshops concentrate on the delivery of the presentation, working with you one-to-one to help refine your personal skills. We focus on reinforcing your strong skills while eliminating habits that distract from your messages. The goal of each coaching session is to help you develop your own style and emerge a more convincing and credible presenter. MediaNet offers skills coaching either on-site or through our special Digital CoachingTM.

On-site, we begin in a group setting by teaching the basic principles of presenting. Then, we progress to a series of one-to-one coaching sessions, giving personalized attention to each participant. Videotaping is often incorporated into these sessions to allow the presenters to view themselves from an audience perspective.

The ideal workshop usually begins with an Electrifying Presentations seminar. This is followed by a series of hourly one-to-one training sessions for pre-selected individuals. Several candidates can be coached in succession, making it easy for a company to increase the presentation skills of a department or any other group in the organization. Click here for more detailed information.

Digital CoachingTM

Digital Coaching delivers a personal, detailed and highly consistent ASSESSMENT based on a short visual review of a person's presentation. Using a five-minute video recording of a presentation, we identify challenges and opportunities, analyzing over 80 specific elements in the presenter's style across 21 skill categories. Based on the review, areas of significant challenge are immediately identified.. Click here for more detailed information.

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