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A Strategy for Effective Presentations

Learn to communicate better and become MORE SUCCESSFUL!

This easy-to-read, comprehensive story takes you through the visual side of the presentation process. There's a section on how to present better and another section on electronic presentations. The images in this book are in color because a major component of this visual strategy involves the correct use of color.

You can create a powerful visual impression, not from using images with special effects, but from images which specially affect your audience in some positive way! The underlying principles of Purpose, Movement and Color are defined and referenced, using full-color examples to explain a strategy for effective presentations!

This book will not only tell you what it takes to create and deliver an effective presentation, but will show you, as well. By following the principles of PURPOSE, MOVEMENT and COLOR you will learn how to correctly develop a goal for your presentation, how to hold and build the attention span of your audience through the effective use of eye movement, and how to affect the emotions of the audience by using color.

In addition, you'll learn ways to enhance your presentation delivery style using proper gestures, body movement and other techniques. The book also discusses some of the advantages of electronic presentations which are becoming more popular as technology advances.

All in all, you will understand how to create clear, concise and more powerful presentations and recognize ways to deliver those events more effectively.

About the Authors
Tom and Rich Mucciolo, founders and owners of MediaNet, are recognized industry experts regarding visual communications and business presentations. They have served as graphic consultants for major corporations since 1985 concentrating on the script and visuals associated with presentations, especially electronic events. During 1998 MediaNet was the keynote speaker for a worldwide seminar series, titled Presenting Made Easy, sponsored by the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators), InFocus Systems, Microsoft, Motorola, and Toshiba covering the elements of effective, portable electronic presentations.

Purpose, Movement, Color
80 Pages, full color
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