The above image map shows the topics covered in this part of the Electrifying Presentations Library.

The MEETINGS & MORE module is an all-encompassing review of event logistics and group dynamics for all types of meetings.

From an environmental perspective, a number of factors need to be considered when planning a presentation. For example, what you wear can make a difference in how you are perceived. The issues around FASHION start with maintaining a FOCUS ON THE FACE to keep attention on content rather than on clothing. You will learn about the use of ACCESSORIES as well as the choice of BUSINESS OUTFITS when dressing one ?level? above the audience.

One logistical concern involves the STAGING of your event. You?ll learn about using RISERS (raised platforms) to increase your visibility to the group. You?ll see how LIGHTING & SOUND allow the audience equal access to your face and your voice. You?ll gain insight into the various DISPLAY DEVICES that serve to support the visual side of your story. You?ll be able to use special tables and mathematical formulas to calculate SEATING arrangements and other room layout considerations.

TECHNOLOGY can also affect the event. In this section, you will get a better understanding of the planning around electronic events. You?ll learn about PROJECTORS and NOTEBOOK COMPUTERS, including suggestions for using a remote control to operate ?hands free? from the equipment. You?ll learn the value of IMAGE MAGNIFICATION for very large group presentations and you?ll even discover ways to HANDLE GLITCHES that may occur during your presentation.

Unique and even strange presentation SITUATIONS may arise that force you to alter or modify your delivery. Here you will get a better understanding of more challenging venues such as presenting in OUTDOOR LOCATIONS or under EXTREME CONDITIONS where perhaps the lighting is harsh, the cultural norms are different or even language barriers exist.

From a group perspective, there are several SETTINGS to consider. These involve CONFERENCING and SMALL GROUPS. Since these two subjects contain additional topics, another image map is available.

The word SETTINGS in the above image map offers more details about conferencing and small groups.

NOTE: When this module is released, some of the more detailed sub-topics shown above may change slightly.

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