The above image map shows the topics covered in the SETTINGS section of the MEETINGS & MORE module of the Electrifying Presentations Library.

While the MECHANICS module focus on building your ?platform? or stand-up skills, this portion of the MEETINGS & MORE module concentrates on the specifics of smaller settings, many of which take place sitting down.

From a CONFERENCING perspective, you will learn how to present in VIDEOCONFERENCES. The JUSTIFICATION for videoconferences explains the value of the technology in relation to its effective use. In a TV vs. FACE-TO-FACE comparison, you will gain a better understanding as to how and when videoconferencing should be considered. Finally, you will learn about the CONVERGENCE ISSUES regarding production, talent, line-of-sight, and other interesting limitations of the videoconference format.

Beyond the format, however, you will learn to develop the skills of PLAYING TO THE CAMERA. You?ll learn more about VOICE, POSITIONING and MOVEMENT as you learn to target your message beyond the camera lens, directly to those viewing from the other side.

Small groups offer challenges, as well. Here, you will learn the three kinds of seats available in CONFERENCE ROOMS & U-SHAPES, and how the choices of which person sits in which seat can make a difference in the meeting. You?ll even gain insight into effective ways of SEATING YOUR TEAM for those times where a team of two or more people attend a meeting to deliver the same message. You will also understand how PUTTING PEOPLE IN PLACE is all about the seating dynamics in small group circumstances.

The skills used for large and small groups are also effective in HANDLING ONE-TO-ONE SITUATIONS, especially when sitting. Here you will learn how to create angles, share perspective and handle documents as evidence of your message.

You will discover ways of OBSERVING AUDIENCE DETAILS so that you will know whether people are ready to decide or still evaluating your ideas. You?ll learn about key body language indicators such as actions of the head, hands and feet, as you develop a proficiency for reading your audience. You?ll even be able to scan the eyes of people to get a better sense of how your ideas are being considered.

Finally, as a way of SOCIALIZING YOUR SKILLS, you?ll learn to apply these concepts in everyday environments, whether it be at lunch, at dinner, or even on the golf course.

NOTE: When the MEETINGS & MORE module is released, some of the more detailed sub-topics shown above may change slightly.

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