The above image map covers the entire MECHANICS module, both the BASIC and the ADVANCED skills.

The delivery skills --- the mechanics of presenting --- are the elements unique to every presenter.

A MESSAGE can be developed for a group of presenters, visuals can be designed to support that content --- but those components of the presentation are relatively constant. The delivery skill is the variable that is hardest to control.

The mechanics are separated into two areas, basic and advanced. The basic skills concentrate on the mechanics of FORM; that is, the visible or external elements of the skill --- ACTIONS of the body and the voice.

The advanced skills concentrate on the mechanics of FUNCTION; that is, the invisible or internal elements of the skill ? INTENTIONS of the mind and the heart. The advanced skills involve techniques to move the logic of the story forward while creating an emotional link to the content for the audience.

One other way to think of the basic and advanced skills is to consider that presenting is the continual relationship between actions and intentions. The actions are apparent (the FORM of the body and the voice). The intentions are invisible (the FUNCTION of the mind and the heart). The internal skills are more difficult to master, which is why they are dealt with after the basic skills are experienced.

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