The above image map shows the topics covered in the ADVANCED SKILLS --- the mechanics of FUNCTION.

The advanced skills involve the internal aspects of delivery; namely, the intentions associated with the MIND and the HEART.

Using your MIND, you will learn about LINKING LOGICAL INTENTIONS to content. You will understand how to characterize an objective and see how a message functions ?theatrically? through three levels of objectives (super, current and specific).

You will gain a unique perspective on USING A SUPPORTING CAST as you develop relationships with people and with props. Here you will learn how to incorporate personalities from the audience, from actual experience or from created characters. You will understand how to interact with support visuals, such as text and data-driven charts (bar, pie, line, etc.) as well as with physical objects (props).

By SELECTING FOCAL POINTS, you will be able to manage content by creating related sets of triggers and handles. You?ll learn to establish tangible targets and you?ll be able to understand how your imagination plays an important role in communicating the implied value of your message.

USING VIRTUAL SPACE allows you to show logical intentions through physical actions, so that an audience can literally ?see? what you?re thinking.

The advanced skills of the mind also include ways to HANDLE DISTRACTIONS in your audience, such as dealing with the know-it-all and even the boss.

Perhaps the most important skill involves using your HEART. By UNDERSTANDING MOTIVATION, you will learn how to create a sense of truth in order to build instant credibility and trust with your audience.

You will also learn about LINKING EMOTIONAL INTENTIONS to content, by understanding conflict and relationship and how the combination of those elements affect both the presenter and the audience.

You will get a true sense of USING HUMOR as a means to create contrast, rather than comic relief.

But most of all, you will learn about DEVELOPING YOUR OWN STYLE as you gain a clear focus on how to build a character called YOU. You?ll be able to analyze all of your personal assets, from family history to dreams and aspirations so that you can bring yourself into every moment. You?ll learn the rules for storytelling and you?ll see the value of using examples, real-world analogies, and personal opinions to create impact. Finally, you?ll discover the importance of maintaining a through-line of action to always remain consistent in your delivery from one presentation to the next.

NOTE: When this CD is released, some of the more detailed sub-topics shown above may change slightly.

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