Normally, the skills for presenting information should not be bound by the venue. Your ability to communicate to one person involves the same skill set as when you interact with a large group. Yet, when you deliver content in a videoconference, the challenge of the "broadcast" itself does add a level of distraction to the presenter because a screen separates the presenter from the listener. Plus, there is an implied sense of being "on TV".

Therefore, an explicit set of skills must be used to make the videoconference appear just like any other face-to-face meeting, although the parties are separated by distance.

Some of the areas we concentrate on include:

The good news is that all of these skills can be developed and enhanced in any videoconference environment without a live connection to another location. This reduces costs and allows participants to practice or "rehearse" before going into an actual live session.

The same skills developed for videoconferencing will translate immediately to other presentation venues. Thus, the value of the training is not limited to a single environment.

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