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NOW! Get FREE presentation advice with our new mini-version of ShowSTARTER!


The toughest part of any presentation is getting started! You have some ideas, chart concepts, detailed data and some other stuff! But you're not sure how many visuals to prepare, or whether to use slides, overheads or some other media.

You want the charts to look great, but things like fonts, colors, graphics --- seem to confuse you more. You know the visuals have to relate, but you just can't figure out what ties everything together. Worst of all, you're running out of time!

You need advice! You need ShowSTARTER!

It's so easy! You answer a few simple questions about your presentation, and minutes later a complete report advises you on:


ShowSTARTER is not a graphics package for the creation of charts and drawings. It is a planning tool to be used before creating any visuals.
Think of ShowSTARTER as a graphics consultant who identifies key elements of your presentation and then completely outlines your approach --- visual design, text attributes, proper colors, etc., all closely tied to the specific objective you select!


Over several years MediaNet compiled the performance results of over 1500 business presentations by monitoring key areas of visual effectiveness, such as style, color, eye movement, attention span, layout, approach and timing. This experience-based research is integral to ShowSTARTER's determinations. In addition, other documented sources such as color theory research, industry statistics and published studies factor into ShowSTARTER's recommendations.


There's nothing to learn! Just answer the 10 survey questions, mostly multiple-choice, and in minutes a unique presentation strategy is developed into a complete 10-page report. Review the advice on screen or in print and use the suggestions to set parameters and options in your favorite graphics package!

Another part of the program, the ImageAdvisorTM, is a complete visual catalog which allows you to review full-color, graphic examples of presentation tips and ideas - right on your PC screen! ShowSTARTER not only tells you how to be more visually effective --- it actually SHOWS you, graphically, at the same time!

ShowSTARTER works with all versions of Windows and only occupies 2.5MB of disk space.

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